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Real Estate Success Virtual Training Academy for Agents, Brokers, Buyers, Sellers, and Investors.


“Become A Real Estate Rockstar With Real Estate Success Training Academy”


Join The Real Estate Elite With Our Top-Notch Training Program.



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Real Estate Success Training Academy

Join the Real Estate Elite with Our Top-Notch Training Program!

Are you ready to take your career in real estate to the next level?

Look no further than the Real Estate Success Training Academy.

  • Our virtual training program offers comprehensive education on all aspects of real estate, from sales and marketing to negotiation and closing deals.
  • Whether you’re an agent, broker, buyer, seller, investor, entrepreneur, or business owner, our academy provides the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in today’s competitive market.
  • Don’t settle for mediocrity, join the Real Estate Success Training Academy, and unlock your full potential.

Real Estate Professionals often struggle to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques, hindering their ability to succeed in a highly competitive market.

  • The Real Estate Success Training Academy offers a comprehensive virtual training program designed to provide agents, brokers, buyers, sellers, and investors with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the industry.

  • Our training program offers a practical, hands-on approach to learning, with expert guidance and support from experienced professionals.

  • By enrolling in the Real Estate Success Training Academy, you will gain the knowledge and tools necessary to stay ahead of the competition and achieve your professional goals.

  • Don’t let a lack of training hold you back any longer – enroll today and start building your success in real estate!


The Ultimate Real Estate Success Training Academy

The Ultimate Real Estate Success Training Academy

Become a Real Estate Rockstar” – With the Real Estate Success Training Academy, agents, brokers, buyers, sellers, and investors can learn the tips and tricks of the trade that will help them stand out in the crowded real estate market. They’ll gain the skills and knowledge they need to become the go-to expert in their area and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

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Working with Buyers

Chapter 1

Buyer Consultation – determining a wants & needs (among other things) is critical as you begin working with buyers. The sooner you have that conversation the better. This video will share some helpful tips to guide that conversation.

Chapter 2 - The Pre-Approval Process

Buyers and Realtors should have a qualifying amount prior starting the home search. Talking with a lender is a critical first step in the process. Learn what’s involved in the pre-approval process in this training.

Chapter 3 -Purchasing New Construction

Purchasing New Construction – new construction involves much more than your typical buyer and seller. Learn what to expect when meeting with the builder, during the construction phase, and post-settlement

Chapter 4 - Reviewing The Sales Contract

Reviewing the sales contract and Addenda – most buyers simply ask “where do I sign?” It is critical that the sales contract be read and, more importantly, understood prior to submitting an offer. Here we dive into the contract and addenda to obtain a better understanding of what buyers are signing.

Chapter 5 - Searching For A Home On Elevate

Searching for a Home using Elevate – most buyers start their home search online. Here’s why using third-party sites is not the best option. We have a much better solution!

Chapter 6 - Looking At Houses

Looking at houses – So you’re ready to start looking at houses? Here’s what to expect.

Chapter 7 - Making An Offer

Making an offer – You’ve found that dream home. Now what?

Chapter 8 - Pulling Neighborhood Comparables

Pulling neighborhood comparables – What are comparables? How does that house that sold down the street impact the house that you’re buying?

Chapter 9 - Preparing The Sales Contract

Preparing the Sales Contract – what’s involved in preparing a strong sales contract. Let’s make an offer that the seller cannot refuse!


Success Stories

Bethany Show

Real Estate Broker

The Instrucor Went Above and Beyond!

Thank you Mike, it was great!

Jane Waller


Perfection Went Above

My agents left the traing charged for success!

Brain Stall

Academy Student

Empowering Content

The content was very user friendly and I was able to implement immediately in my business!


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